Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sweet 16 Birthday Party

My beautiful, smart, and talented daughter turned 16 this month! What a fun and memorable birthday.

Her only requests were colorful decorations, clear serving dishes, and candy dishes filled with her favorite candies. How fun is that?! Below are some photos I took before all of the guests arrived. Her dad and I bought her a bouquet of flowers, which really added a lot of color to the table. Since the archway is one of the first things you see as you enter, I decided to make a colorful banner with the number 16 out of scrapbook paper and hung it up.

Here are a couple of close-up photos of the candy dishes I put together. I visited a local thrift store and found some neat glass containers with lids as well as some pretty glass goblets. I glued the glass container onto the glass goblet to create candy dishes. The one over on the buffet was glued onto a white chic candlestick holder, which I think turned out really cute. For more color we made several tissue paper balls and flowers to add to the tables and hung some from the hutch doors.

Do you see the photos scattered about? I am a scraparrazi mom, so a few of my bazillion photos had to be shared. My daughter was a good sport about it, as long as she was able to approve them, before I set them out. That in itself was a fun trip down memory lane. :)

On the punch table we decorated it with tissue paper flowers and a couple of large fan flowers, I made out of scrapbook paper. I came across a couple of small vases, which really looked neat with some of the pretty yellow flowers from the big bouquet. I cut the letter "C" out of chipboard, since it is the first letter of my daughter's name, and painted it white. We had the birthday guests write something fun to the birthday girl, so she could keep it and hang it in her room.

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