Saturday, October 1, 2011

Old Wood Ladder = Shelving Unit

I have been in need of a shelving unit for my studio to display art work and I wanted something rustic. A while back I had seen an idea where someone turned an old wood ladder into shelves and I decided that idea was perfect for me. The tricky part was finding an old wood ladder and wood in good enough condition to use. I was soooo excited when I came across all of these items yesterday and even more excited that it only cost me $3! So with a little bit of nail pulling, sanding, painting, cutting, and screwing boards together, I now have shelves!!

Here is what the ladder and boards looked like before sanding and painting them.

Here is what the ladder looked like when I got done slapping paint on it. I used some old left over paint that I had and didn't want to cover the ladder completely, so I brushed it on sparingly.

Here is what the boards looked like before and after I painted them.

Here is my finished shelving unit!

This is what it looks like in my studio space. Isn't it perfect?! Now to start filling the shelves.

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