Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chipboard Journals & Altered Clipboards

Wow, I can't believe November is here already, which means Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner! I haven't posted in awhile, so I thought I would share some photos of chipboard journals and altered clipboards I have completed recently to fill orders and to have for sale. Hope they will be an inspiration to you!

Below is a photo of a chipboard Photo Journal and Scrabble necklace I made for my niece's birthday. She got a camera for her birthday, so I was hoping that she would enjoy placing some of the pictures she takes into her very own album.

Below are a couple of Mom & Me journals I made for a mom who wants to use them with her daughters to write and answer questions back and forth to each other. What a great way to keep communication open between mother and daughters!

Here are some photos of clipboards I recently have altered. The photo below I took before adding the push pins I made and I can't seem to find the photos of the completed clipboards. The clipboard on the left has a verse from Proverbs and says "A happy heart makes the face cheerful". I made push pins out of buttons and added to the cork board. The clipboard to the right says "Beautimus", a word I use often to describe beautiful things I see. I make matching push pins out of glass beads and added to this board. There is a photo if it below. The bottom clipboard says "Celebrate Life".

The clip board on the left, in the photo below, is decorated with purple, white, and black paper and I added a white embossed bird that says "A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song". The clip board on the right is a photo of the completed "Beautimus" clip board with push pins. You may recognize the magnetic wall hanging at the bottom from an earlier post. This is a metal hanging covered in decorative paper and hung together with brown ribbon. The flowers are magnets I made to use for easily hanging photos, notes and more.

This last photo is of a clipboard I made for a custom order. They wanted it to be as smooth as possible, so it could be used as a clipboard, wanted blues and greens, and wanted the saying from Mark Twain. In order to accomplish smoothness I only used a thin piece of paper to put the saying on and hand painted the flowers.

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