Sunday, November 27, 2011

Blessing Baskets/Gifts

My whole family was able to be together during Thanksgiving this year, so I put together Blessing Baskets/Gifts for them. The baskets included a few fun things for the kids, Orange Slices (which are one of my brothers favorite candies), sugared pecans and walnuts, fall candlering and pick and a "Blessings" magnetic/chalkboard sign. Since the Orange Slice bag wasn't fall'ish enough for me I wrapped them in a brown paper bag. I found a great crockpot recipe for sugared pecans and walnuts, so I made it and put them in paper cones I made from scrapbook paper.

The sign was something new I have been wanting to make, so this was the perfect opportunity. It is metal and one side is covered with burlap and I added the word "Blessings" in black vinyl. I made the magnets out of clay, painted them, and added magnets to the back.

The other side of the sign is painted in chalkboard paint and I added a design to it with white vinyl. I wanted to make some kind of magnetic chalk holder, so the chalk would be easy to get to to leave notes, words of encouragements, etc., so I took black ribbon and glued burlap to it. I then glued velcro to the ends, added a magnet, and viola - a chalk holder. :)

I really enjoyed the time I was able to spend with my family and hope you did too!

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