Friday, March 29, 2013

String Art Cross

Before posting more on my Kitchen Series, I thought I would share a project that I had my son's 6th grade class make, during their Easter Party this week.  I chose a stringed art project in which they made a cross out of nails and used colorful string for the design.

Here is how we did it:
I needed 15 wood pieces, so I used this very large piece of  old wood and cut pieces that were approximately  5" x 7".

I then created a template on my computer, so the kiddos would know where to place the nails.

Once the nails were in, then the fun part of using string to create a fun design.  We tied a knot on one of the nails and then wrapped it around the whole cross design.  Once that was done then you can go back and make any kind of design you want.  Some of the kids felt adventurous and used two different colors.  

Once they were happy with the result, we tied the string off and they were ready for the final step. 

The final step was to glue on the "Loved, Redeemed, Renewed" banner.  I also came across a neat saying that used these words and they glued it to the back.  It is my hope that they will use it as a daily reminder.

Here is my son hard at work getting his banner cut out, so he can glue it onto his project.

I was a little nervous about the kids using hammers and nails, but they did a great job and seemed to enjoy making this project.  Defiantly an easy, cheap and meaningful project for kids to make! 


  1. Would you be willing to share the cross template? I would like to do this at VBS in a few weeks with the older kids.

  2. I would love a template also, and did you use yarn as your string?

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    3. thank you for the template!

  3. About how long did it take each kid to do this? I've got 3 20 minute sessions to fill at VBS. I know I want the older kids to do this - I think they'd love it. I'm trying decide if they need 2 or 3 20 minute sessions to do this, plus one very large group one. Thanks!