Friday, February 8, 2013

"Clean/Dirty" Dishwasher Magnet

I don't know about your house, but in our house my family doesn't seem to take the time to ask or check to see if the dishes in the dishwasher are clean before adding dirty dishes to it. I love that my family cleans up after themselves (most of the time), but it is so wasteful to have to rerun the dishwasher, because dirty dishes have been added to the clean ones. I decided that we needed a magnet. Even though my son's handwritten "Dishes are clean" sticky note was a cute reminder, it wasn't going to stick forever. :) After doing some searching on the internet I came across this neat clean/dirty dishwasher magnet idea. Here is how I made it...

I dug through my Scrabble pieces and retrieved the letters I needed. I then laid them down the way I wanted them and glued them together using wood glue.

I decided I wanted to add some color, so once the glue was dry, I painted and distressed it.

I then added a couple of high powered magnets to the back.

I didn't want it scratching up my dishwasher, so I cut a piece of felt and glued it onto the back to cover the magnets.

Voila! Here is the finished product! Now I just have to get my family to use it. :) Magnets like these can be ordered by emailing me at or by visiting my facebook page at Dippity Dot Creations.

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  1. what an awesome share. my kids are always going in there and not knowing. love it