Saturday, August 17, 2013

Master Bathroom Remodel

How many of you have done a total remodel of a bathroom?  Well, for those of you who haven't, let me just say, wow it is a lot of work and there are lots of decisions to make!

Above is a photo of our main/master bathroom.  It is long and narrow, so hard to get good photos of everything.  The tub was rusting out, shower tiles coming off the walls, carpet well worn, low ceilings, and only one sink.  We decided that since there was a good amount of repair work to do, just to go ahead and remodel the whole bathroom installing a walk-in shower and a vanity with two sinks.

Here is a photo of what our tub/shower combo looked like before.

 Here is a photo of the low ceilings above the sink area.

After making all of the decisions on the shower, vanity, counter top, etc., we had to wait about 7 weeks for everything to come in.  Once we received the call that the items were in and contacted our contractor, then it was go-time for removing the old vanity and starting the demolition!

 As I mentioned in my post on the smaller/kids bathroom, we can do demolition, 
but we leave the re-construction/installation to the professionals. :)

 There was concrete board on one of the shower walls, so we were able to leave that 
and just remove the tile, but the other walls had to be ripped out.

For some reason there was a false ceiling, so we decided to open it up a bit, and tear it out.

The false ceiling is now gone, tub gone, and the floor cut out .  This helped the plumber be able to get to all of the plumbing, so he could move it from the west wall to the east wall.  We decided to go with just a walk-in shower, so once the plumbing was done, they built the frame work for the shower base.

Here it is with the Onyx shower base installed, sheet rock in, sanded and painted.

Then came the tiling of the shower and floor and putting in the new vanity and counter top.

The hubby and contractor, trying to figure out how to install the new very heavy glass shower door.

Found a couple of nice large mirrors on clearance and they fit perfect between the back splash and the new light fixture.  Also decided on what hardware to use on the vanity and installed them.  It was a bit nerve wrecking drilling holes into this new beautiful wood, but I made a template of where the holes needed to go and it all worked out nicely. 

 It is finally complete and we really love how it turned out!

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