Thursday, May 30, 2013

Small Bathroom Renovation

There always seem to be repairs and upkeep, especially when you own an older home.  Over the past several years, my hubby and I have decided to prioritize our list and tackle one room or area of the house at a time, so we don't become overwhelmed financially, emotionally, or physically, .

This year, we decided to do some repairs and updating to our bathrooms.  This week we started tackling our small bathroom located in the front of the house, which is mainly used by our kiddos. We had done some updating to it about 5 years ago, so there isn't a whole lot that needs done, mainly repairing some damaged walls and updating the shower walls.  Below are photos of the progress. 

Above are photos of what the bathroom looked like before we started tearing it up.
Doesn't look too bad from a distance, but up close you can see the
damaged walls and the yucky cheap shower walls.

First Day:
 Excited to start repairing this bathroom! Shower piping capped, sink and toilet removed.  

Now time for the ugly cheap shower walls to come down!

 Demolition, my hubby and I can do.  Installation we leave to the professionals. :) 

Look what we found inside the wall, below the medicine cabinet.  Yes, hundreds of old razor blades.  Always interesting what you find when doing renovations. :)

Whew, a good first day!  All walls tore out, with only a few minor injuries.

Days following...
Plumbing for the shower head was raised, cement board installed around tub,
Sheetrock put up and walls muddied.  

Once the mud was dry, we sanded and primed the walls and ceiling.

Excited to get the walls painted, so we could re-install the light fixture.
It helps to see what you are doing. :)

The tile is finally getting installed and boy does it look sharp!

Almost done!  There are a few finishing touches (trim & painting), but it is usable again and it was so nice outside, that we decided to take advantage of it and built a bench around one of our backyard trees this weekend.  You can check it out here.

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