Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Springy Door Decor

Here is a quick post to show you my new inexpensive Springy door decor!  I across a couple of plastic oval frames at a thrift store awhile back and knew they would be perfect for something and they were!  I forgot to get a picture of what they looked like before I painted them, but they were a yucky gold color.

I got out the spray paint and started painting with some fun Springy colors!  Then I tore some cream colored fabric and tied the frames together. I was also able to find some pretty flower sprays at the Dollar Tree, which added the extra color I was needing. I really like how fun and different it turned out.  I am thinking of adding a chalkboard to one of the frames, so I can leave neat messages to our guests, postman, UPS man, etc.  Think that would brighten their day?

Cost:  Since I already had the spray paint and the fabric, this project only cost me around $5! 

**After my first post I decide to add a magnetic chalkboard to the blue oval frame and really like being able to leave messages on it!  The very first photo shows you what it looks like now.

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